About us

Sertius was created as an independent company on December 18th 2003, following an existence as the department Environmental & Safety Services within the Belgian branch of Deloitte. This international services group has offered the ideal environment to the Sertius consultants to grow as an important and reliable environmental and safety consultancy firm.

Sertius is a partner that is able to evaluate environmental and safety issues within a regional, national and international context and to help clients to act locally following the solutions found. Sertius stands for a multidisciplinary and practical approach, offering solutions within the legal boundaries, to industrial clients and authorities.

On December 30th 2010, the certification organization KIWA, after a thorough independent auditing process, has granted to Sertius NV the international ISO 9001 certificate.

Your expectations, our solutions

You expect ...

a discussion partner with sufficient experience to estimate various facets of the stated environmental and / or safety problem.

Sertius is that partner!

… because its dynamic and fast-growing multidisciplinary team consists of lawyers, engineers, geologists, biologists and numerous other experts, with extensive experience in environmental and safety issues thanks to numerous projects that have already been carried out for both industry and government in the past executed.

You expect ...

a consultancy firm that can assess questions or problems related to the environment and / or safety at regional, national or international level.

Sertius is this consultancy!

... through its decentralized network of offices in which regional, national and international experts work, we can optimally serve every customer.

You expect ...

a customized solution for your company and clear strategies that deliver results in the short and long term.

Sertius offers you the best solution!

... because its expert employees always strive for practical, feasible and implementable solutions and take into account current techniques and legislation, and as much as possible with their evolution towards the future. Affordable, effective and practical advice.

Our assests

  • A multidisciplinary team of environmental and safety experts: legal counsels, engineers, geologists, financial and other experts
  • A decentralized network of offices with regional and (inter-)national experts
  • Efficient and practical solutions
  • Expertise in the area of regional, national and European environmental and safety legislation
  • Proven ‘know how’ within SME’s and multinational companies
  • Good contacts with competent authorities and civil servants
  • Necessary regional and federal registrations and accreditations
  • Independant status
  • Tailor made services