In Flanders, a large number of companies, are obliged to appoint an environmental coordinator, thus creating ‘in house’ an environmental knowledge center. However, still quite a number of companies, from a legal point of view, do not have to appoint such an expert, although all organizations are confronted with a pile of environmental obligations, administration, notification duties and the task to organize a sustainable business environment. Professional external assistance can offer a temporary solution.

Some companies are not in a position, because of financial or organizational reasons, to appoint an internal environmental coordinator, although legally necessary. In that case, a contract with an external environmental coordinator can open an interesting alternative! Administrative procedures related to the environmental permit, grants and subsidies, waste management and environmental taxes, all of this takes time and resources. Sertius offers you a tailor made solution. Communication related to environmental affairs with stakeholders (authorities, neighbors, clients and suppliers) is a ‘métier’. Sertius gladly offers you its skills.

Our services


environmental coordinator sector related expertise, for all legally described tasks


of environmental permit requests class 1 / 2, notification class 3

Administrative forms

Val-i-Pac, FOST plus,…


and subsidies with environmental aspects


and composition of environmental tax declarations


and sustainability reporting


and implementation of an adequate environmental communication strategy